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Age Group Manager Role

It is with your help we can run the weekly program much easier and be able to control the children. Most importantly, allow the children to have an enjoyable and fun day’s competition.

To maximise your output, the following information is provided as a guide for you.


  • Each gender within an age group has a Manager from U6 to U12. The U13-16 boys and U13-16 girls will also have a Manager.

  • We are hoping that the Age Group Managers continue with their age groups in coming season’s to provide a continuous contact for the children (i.e. U10 boy’s manager continues on as U11 boy’s manager next season). This of course is not essential but will be of great benefit if it occurs.

  • It is the committees desire to have our Age Group Managers read and understand the Level 1 and Level 2 Officials booklet and complete the open book exam. Completing these will give you a better understanding of the rules and regulations of the various athletic events the children compete in. If you so desire, the club is willing to help you complete an Introduction to coaching course if you so desire, just refer to the ITCC.

  • We understand that an Age Group Manager may not be available on some occasions. If this is the case, it is the responsibility of the Age Group Manager to find a replacement to take their place.

  • Age Group Managers MUST go to each event with the children and the children must go to the event in a controlled manner. Please take them to the event via the outside of the track for safety reasons and to not interfere with other events.


The Age Group Manager:


  • Must watch the children perform the event.

  • Encourage parents to assist in managing athletes and to help officiate at the events.

  • Checks the accuracy of the results recorded for their events and resolves any disputes over the result that an athlete or their parent may have.

  • Comply with the competition rules of the Centre and LAVic.

  • Is to look for weaknesses of certain children and seek ways to help them improve. Point out their weakness to a coach.

  • Is to control the children at the events to make it easier for event officials.

  • Is to ensure officials are officiating correctly as we have parents who have never officiated before, and they would be happy for assistance. i.e. Children are jumping from the correct mat; children perform the event properly; children are using the correct weighted shot put, etc.

  • Is to advise the Arena Manager when the numbers are too big so that the children can be split particularly at field events. Children are quickly bored if they stand in line for too long.

  • Think of ways that keep the children entertained if they have to wait in a queue. For example at long jump, play poison ball or down ball when it is not their turn to jump. Anything to take their mind off waiting in the line.

  • Ensure that all safety aspects relating to each athlete is taken care of. Use our first aid person whenever necessary. The children’s health always comes before the program.

  • Monitor the conduct of the members of their age group even when not at events if possible:

  • Where any athlete disrupts other athletes, the Age Group Manager shall in the first instance seek the assistance of the parent and in their absence or if the disruption continues, to secondly bring the matter to the attention of a Centre Committee Member. These officials should try to resolve the problem and if it continues, it is to be reported to the executive meeting for review and appropriate course of action.

  • Ensure the age group spends maximum time performing events by using Skills Development activities between official events. If your age group does not have an event, liaise with the Program Coordinator to see if you have time to take the children for a little while and do something different. i.e. stretching exercises, relay training, triple jump training, hurdles practice, crouch starting, watching older age groups perform an event as children learn by watching their peers, or maybe just for a general chit chat to see what the children are thinking or want to do. Maybe they just wish to play games on the grass area like poison ball or Frisbee, etc. These can be done in conjunction with a coach or by you. Think of ways of to keep the children occupied and happy. The idea is to make children think Athletics is the best thing ever and make them want to come back time and time again. Children start leaving Little Athletics at a steady rate from Under 9’s on, and it is our aim to change this. Please advise the Program Coordinator when you want children to be marshalled for any purpose.

  • Look at ways of improving social interaction between the children of the Age Group by thinking of social events and other activities which will make the child think Little Athletics is the best thing. Once we have an athlete, we would love to retain them.  

Age Group Managers for U9 - U15  are the coordinators of the Relay Championships for their age group. They are expected to ensure the following occurs by doing it themselves or delegating the role to another person;


  • In conjunction with our Relay Coordinators ascertain which children are interested in competing in the relays and have them register on the list along with their parents/guardians signature. All children are encouraged to participate in the Regional Relay Championships.

  • Arrange for the children to attend the training sessions for relays to be held on Tuesdays 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm during October and November period.

  • Ensure the children know what time to be at these events and where to meet, etc.

  • On the day of the Regional and State relays to manage the children and ensure all members of the team are at the assembly area when required.

  • Advise the Centre Team Managers if any child is injured or missing.

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