Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my child start?

Children can start when they reach the age of 5 years (on or before Dec 31) and compete in our Under 6 competition.  If they turn 5 years between January 1 and the end of our Summer season, they can register at a discount and complete the last part of the season (once they turn 5).  Age groups go up to U16.  To check which age-group your child will be in, please refer to the LA Vic age group calculator:

What days do you compete?

Our track and field competition is held Saturday mornings from October to March (with a short break over Christmas/New Year).  We also offer a cross country season (details below).

What times do the sessions run?

The warm up starts around 8.45 am and most age groups are finished by 11.30pm.

What events does my child compete in each week?

Our program changes every week.  Generally speaking, we schedule 4-5 events each week with one throw (turbo jav/javelin, shotput, discus) and one jump (high, long, triple) alternating, on average, every 3rdweek, plus two or three track events.Check out the Season Program page with links to each week's program here.

Is there compulsory training sessions?

Training is never compulsory at Mornington LAC, except if your child is competing in the Relay Championships. We will try to run a weekly late afternoon training session for U8s and above during the season, but this is dependent on the availability of our club coaches.

How much does it cost?

Registration fees for the 2019/20 season (track and field, and cross country) has been set as follows:

  • 1 child = $180

  • 2 children = $350

  • 3 children - $485

  • 4 children = $600

  • 5 children = $690

Mid-season fees (after Christmas) have been set as follows:

  • 1 child = $100

  • 2 children = $190

  • 3 children - $280

  • 4 children = $370

  • 5 children = $460


Before paying, we do offer a 2-week trail period (see below for details).


Can my child do a trial period to see if Little Aths is right for us?

Of course! We offer a 2 week trial period at any time throughout the season. Please sign up via the Little Athletics Victoria website first (hit the Submit Only button at the end of the process and don't forget to click "Yes" to be on the mailing list). You will then receive all our communications during the trial period. If you decide to stay on, you can then log back in and pay, or pay us on a Saturday morning. We take cards and cash. Click here for more information about uniforms.

Where do you compete?

Our brand-new, purpose built track is located at Civic Reserve, Mornington.  There is plenty of parking within the Civic Reserve grounds (please do not park at our neighbouring Kingswim carpark, this is reserved for Kingswim families).

What are the uniform requirements?

If your child has joined the club, they will need to purchase a club singlet/tshirt from us. These are $45 and can be purchased on Saturday mornings. We take cash and cards. We also sell black LA Vic branded shorts, but these aren't compulsory. Click here for our uniform page and for more information about other merchandise we have to purchase.

Are there opportunities to compete against other clubs?

Yes, from the Under 9 age groups and above.  Our club competes against other ‘Southern Metropolitan Region’ (SMR) clubs at the Regional Relay carnival in November; successful teams then compete against the top teams from other regions at the State Relays in December.  The SMR track and field carnival for individual little athletes is usually held mid-February, with successful athletes advancing to the State Championships in March.  To qualify, athletes need to have participated in four club competitions before the scheduled cut-off date.  SMR and State Cross Country championships are also held in the middle of the year.  In addition, other clubs also hold Open Days that are open to all age groups; Open Days are advertised on the LAVic website:

What’s involved with the Cross Country season?

We offer a cross country program during the winter months, run at different locations across the Peninsula every 2nd Saturday from April to September. The cost is $2 per run to cover end of season medals and BBQ (plus a registration fee of around $60 if you weren't a registered athlete this past track and field season).  Distances run are 1km, 1.5km, 2km and 3km, usually depending on the age of the athlete. Parents are welcome to run with their children.


My child plays another sport on Saturday mornings. Can they do both?

Yes. Depending on the time the other sport starts, they can complete a few events with us, then go to their other sport. Or compete at their other sport then come to us to finish off those events that are still running for their age group. We have many children playing netball or basketball who do this each week.


What is my responsibility as a parent/guardian?

Each age group has a volunteer parent age-group manager who stays with the children and guides them through each event, however it is a requirement that you are present and supervising your child for the duration of the morning (sorry, no ‘drop and go’s allowed!).  However, age-group managers can’t manage the morning alone – parents are asked to help out by measuring/recording results, taking the sand pit, collecting throws equipment…and, of course, kid wrangling!


Does my child have to compete in all the events scheduled on the morning?

No. Whilst we do focus on participation and personal best performances, if you have to go somewhere early, or it's an event that your child chooses not to compete in, there is no problem if they don't compete in all the morning's scheduled events. Our club focuses on Personal Best (PB) results, not on who wins and loses. So if your child feels "they are losing every week", check out their results. If they are improving each time they compete in a specific event, then they are actually "winning"!!


My child is only with me every second week. Can they still compete at the club?

Of course: we have many children living in 2 households that only come to us when they can. There is no problem if you miss a week.


What do we do when we first arrive?

Head to the age group trolleys lined up on the track. Find your child's age group trolley. Follow the trolley around to all the scheduled events for the day. Jumpers and drink bottles can be placed in the trolley. If you have paid the registration fee, there should be a Subway chest patch/bib in the age group folder, and your child's name will be printed on all the event sheets. Please attach the bib to your child's T-shirt using the pins in the folder. At the end of the morning, the bib needs to go back in the folder. If you are in the trial period, just hand write your child's name on the event sheets. Once you decide to stay at the club, all past event results will be uploaded to Results HQ for you to view online.


Why is there no Subway chest patch/bib in the age group folder for my child?

If you haven't paid the registration fee, there will be no bib.  Once payment has been made, the bib will appear. If you have paid and there is no bib, check you are in the correct age group. Bibs are printed on Thursdays; if you have paid after Thursday and before Saturday, your bib will not be available until the following week.


Can I travel around the track with my child to their events?

Absolutely! We actively encourage our parents to follow their children around and help the team managers run the events where possible. The kids love having their parents their watching and helping.

Who runs the club?

Our wonderful committee of volunteers run the club. Our current President Todd Martin has been with the club for years and has seen a lot of changes over that time. If you are interested in joining the General Committee, approach one of the committee members (those wearing the orange polo shirts), or email us. We can never have enough volunteers!

What happens if my child injures themselves?

Head to timing gates tent or merchandise area so we can contact our First Aid Officer to come and assist you. Can all asthmatics please ensure they bring their puffer with them.

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