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Point Scoring System

Points are awarded each week towards the end of year Age Group and Centre Champion Trophies. We try to instill in the children that as long as they compete in every event, though they may come last every time, they still gain points for the day’s competition. When the weekly results are entered into the recording system they are automatically calculated.


Points are gained in the following way:


·         Starting an event – 1 point

·         Attending a club meet – 1 point

·         Getting a Personal Best – 3 points (awarded when you equal or better your previous best performance)

·         Getting a Centre Record – 5 points

·         Reaching a specific Level of Achievement. 

There will be 8 levels: Brown - 1 point, White – 2 points, Green - 3 points, Red – 4 points, Bronze – 5 points, Silver - 6 points, Gold – 7 points.

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