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MPAC Registration Information

Mornington Little Athletics Centre is affiliated with the senior club Mornington Peninsula Athletic Club (MPAC). Our athletes are welcome to join MPAC from the age of 11 to compete in Athletics Victoria (AV) competitions. It is possible to hold memberships with both clubs. They are currently based at Ballam Park in Frankston, but once the all-weather track is built at Civic Reserve in Mornington, they will be joining us there. We'd love to see more of our older athletes who continue on with their athletics to keep wearing orange by joining MPAC. 

The following is information about joining and competition:


The Athletics Victoria Track and Field Season is called the AV Shield League (AVSL) and the Cross Country season is called XCR.


Athletics Victoria Registration (starts in April and finishes at the end of March the following year. So Cross Country Season first followed by Track and Field):

  • Junior - $130 (up to 19)

  • Senior - $160 (20 - 99)

Entry Fees

The AVSL package (entry fees for AV Shield, does not include Championships) or Cross Country package (XC applicable next year)

  • Junior - $110

  • Senior - $135

Note: Cross Country events can also be entered individually rather than getting a package for the entire season


The Max package, ie combined Cross Country and Track & Field package (would be applicable next year)

  • Junior - $170

  • Senior - $220

Age Groups

  • AV Shield / Cross Country - U14 / U16 / U18 / U20 / Open / 40+

  • Championships - U14 / U15 / U16 / U17 / U18 / U20 / Open / Masters (various)

  • There is an Athletics Australia National Junior Track and Field Championship in all age groups mentioned in the line above.

In both the AV Shield League and AV Cross Country, athletes compete as individuals and also score points for an age group team. In AV Shield the top two teams in each age group from each region go into the Shield Final. AV Shield is run at different venues each week, not at the same venue all season. The competition is usually Saturday afternoon.

Entries for all competitions are done online, including the events you want to do each week for Track & Field.

If you need more information, check out their website or email them

Current as of October 2019

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