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New track update

We need help from our members!

To ensure the new track gets the support from residents that it needs, could as many of us as possible drop the Council a line supporting it?!?! We are now in the community consultation phase of the development, and we need as much positive feedback/encouragement as possible.

It would also be great if constructive questions could be asked such as "Why are the soccer pitches getting lighting and there is no provision for the track to have lighting"? and "Is the pavilion just for the soccer club or is it for both of us as it looks to be orientated towards the soccer pitches".

Submissions can be sent to:

by November 24th.

Or you can attend either of the 2 drop in sessions at Civic Reserve Recreation Centre, 350 Dunns Rd, Mornington on the following dates:

Tuesday 14th November from 3-7pm

Saturday 18th November from 10am-2pm.

Mornington LAC met with the Mornington Peninsula Athletic Club (MPAC) on November 9th to work out the finer details of what both clubs need from the track. This will all be submitted to council before the deadline. Todd Martin and Scott McGill hope to meet with council to discuss everything before final plans are drawn up.

The track will be an invaluable piece of sports infrastructure for the Peninsula when it is finally built. It will not just be used by MLAC and MPAC - Peninsula schools will be able to use it instead of having to travel to Ballam Park at Frankston; footy teams will be able to use it over the winter for conditioning and sprint training when their grounds are too soggy to train on; disabled athletes will have a place to train. We have been told that the build will hopefully start by the end of the financial year. We'll keep you updated when we know more.

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